Wii Habilitation

Wii-habilitation has become one of the newest treatments in physical therapy being used in the rehabilitation of many types of neurological and orthopedic injuries. Who would have thought the Nintendo Wii video game system, is now becoming a very useful rehabilitation tool assisting patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and a myriad of other injuries. It is also a valuable tool with helping to get patients back to work and even sports.  Pacific Medical Group is the first facility on the island of Maui to offer Wii-habilitation.

The Wii game console is useful in physical therapy treatment because of its unique, motion-sensitive controller, with many of the Wii games requiring body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. The Wii assists in regaining strength, range of motion and motor control, returning patient's back to their daily functional tasks. This provides Physical Therapists with a very useful tool when attempting to overcome deficits that are not allowing injured patients to return to their previous level of function.

There are many useful forms of physical therapy and the traditional stretching and strengthening exercises that help patients in the rehabilitative process can be painful, and repetitive. The hallmark sign of an experienced Physical Therapist is the ability to transition patients back to functional tasks and recreational activities, once they are asymptomatic. The Wii is an excellent tool to do just that, by transitioning patients from injury to wellness. Another aspect the Wii adds to the rehabilitation process is, because of the fact that the patient must concentrate mentally when using the Wii, they become distracted from their pain and discomfort that in routine forms of physical therapy may have limited their progression. It’s a process of getting them to refocus their attention away from their physical limitation which essentially helps them overcome it.

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