Physical Therapy

Here at the Pacific Medical Group in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, we are excited to offer you physical therapy to help improve your health and well-being. Physical therapy is commonly associated with recovery after an injury, illness, or surgery we also utilize this on the therapy to help improve your physical wellness and mobility. Learn more about that application of physical therapy prior to your appointment.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is used to evaluate orthopedic issues associated with pain and recovery. The application of physical therapy typically includes therapeutic and corrective exercises along with massage therapy. Goals for physical therapists include improving joint mobility, street, balance, and endurance. You may also go to physical therapy to improve your coordination and posture. Here at the Pacific Medical Group, we offer comprehensive physical therapy services to help meet your specific needs.

What are the Most Common Reasons to Go to Physical Therapy?

Individuals who go to physical therapy use this treatment to help with a variety of conditions. For example, if you suffer from neck pain, back pain, arthritis, or joint injuries physical therapy is a viable solution for treating your pain. If you suffer from neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy, you may benefit from physical therapy on a regular basis. Individuals with balance problems, athletic injuries, or fibromyalgia can also be treated using this method. Physical therapy is also beneficial for athletes, pregnant women, growing teenagers, an individual with decreased mobility due to aging. Furthermore, it is safe for all ages as a viable to improve health and wellness.

How Does the Pacific Medical Group in Maui Provide Physical Therapy?

At the Pacific Medical Group in Maui, we can provide you with several options for physical therapy and therapeutic exercises. One of our physical therapists will meet with you to determine what exercises are best suited for your physical needs. In addition to creating a customized treatment plan, your Maui physical therapist will amend the program as you increase your mobility and strength. Examples of some of the exercises we may be able to provide include stretching, balance training, warm water therapy, and massage therapy depending on your physical needs. Each of our certified physical therapists is experienced and licensed to provide you professional therapeutic care. If you need physical therapy following surgery please contact a physical therapist today to arrange for a personalized treatment program.

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