PENS (Percutaneous Electro Neurostimulation)

BIOWAVE PENS (Percutaneous Electro Neurostimulation) therapy can help the patient lower their overall pain ranges.  The Biowave System (Biowave Corporation, Norwalk, CT) introduces two premixed high frequency wave forms (feed signals) through a percutaneous needle implant electrode placed on the skin opposite the pain site (feed electrode). The electric field contains a

The electric field contains a low-frequency component (beat frequency) equal to the difference between the feed signals. The feed signals pass through the body to a second percutaneous needle implant electrode at the treatment site (pain site electrode). The feed signals mix, yielding an electric field equivalent to the beat frequency component, which has shown to interrupt transmission of pain impulses by preventing action potential propagation along pain fibers. This technology is used for treating chronic, acute or postsurgical pain.

Additional patient benefits include that the effects of conservative therapies/rehabilitation will last for longer periods of time.  PENS helps by reducing pain allowing more activity to their ADL’s/Work.  It can also help decrease medication use and reduce need for stronger medications which can cause grogginess/ disorientation.  Reduce the need of addictive medications such as narcotics (if applicable to the patient) which can have significant side effects.  The patient has difficulty with ADL’s/Work due to the pain. '

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