Injury Care

If you have suffered from an auto injury, work injury, sports injury, or personal injury, we want to help. Here at the Pacific Medical Group located in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, we have extensive services dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries. Discover how we can help you with injury care today.

Injury Care Q & A

What is the Process for Injury Care in Kahului, Hawaii?

When you have an injury you want help fast. Start by going to the Pacific Medical Group to receive a diagnosis from our internal medicine or primary care provider. Following a physical exam, we are able to diagnose the extent of your injury. From here we can either offer you physical therapy, pain relief, pain management, or chiropractic care for treating your injury. However, if your injury is more severe we will provide you with a referral to a specialist who can further treat your injury.

What are the Treatments Used at the Pacific Medical Group for Injury Care?

At the Pacific Medical Group, we treat injury care using a variety of methods. For all-natural injury treatments including pain relief, we suggest chiropractic care. This allows your musculoskeletal system to be realigned, which can help with joint pain, back pain, sciatica, or neck pain. If you are suffering from pain due to your injury we offer pain relief including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and massage therapy. We also provide conservative pain management for individuals with severe injury pain. Our goal is to treat your pain in the most effective way possible.

How can the Pacific Medical Group Help Prevent Injuries?

If you want to protect yourself from injuries, such as sports injuries, repetitive use injuries, or personal injuries, we have several options at the Pacific Medical Group. For starters, we suggest getting regular chiropractic adjustments. This allows your nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems to be in the proper positions. In doing so you strengthen and protect your body from being at risk due to injuries. We also suggest completing preventative care, which helps us to detect injuries early on before the pain becomes severe. By detecting your injuries when they first begin we are also more capable of treating these conditions faster. Therefore you are less likely to lose mobility, be in pain, or have to undergo extensive physical therapy due to personal injuries.

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